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Founding Member and Manager:
  • Seth Hollist is the Founding Member and Manager of the Rotisory Foundation LLC. He has been interested in publishing up-lifting, creative, technical, and even poetic (among other types) of literature since he was a young teenager. An IT Computer Administrator by trade, Seth has been writing technical documentation for many years. More recently Seth wrote a political column for (which no longer exists) and even ran for office as a Libertarian in 2012. Seth has since decided to venture out on his own to produce copyright and other publications that he fills will help him achieve his goals of being a positive influence for change and enlightenment of the world. Check the home page for a list of all current publications and contributions.
Trademark images:
    • The name Spaldäm is an original creation by the Founder of the Rotisory Foundation LLC. The name was produced in a High School English class in 1993 when the topic of the day was "coining words". It has since been used as a nick-name and on-line alias.
    • The Rotisory Penguin. The Penguin is a sign of the Linux OS, a free and open operating system that embodies a lot of the ideas we like here and the Rotisory Foundation. The hard drive Armature/Rotor that it holds is described below.
    • The computer hard-drive Armature/Rotor represents a simplistic physical manifestation of the concept of a Rotisory (another word coined by the Founder).
    • The kaleidoscope imaginary of the back of a computer motherboard with copper circuitry represents the complex and often programmed nature of life and the sub-conscience, as well as the beauty that can be manifest when we find our own unique balance and symmetry.

What is a "Rotisory Foundation", here are some definitions:

Ro·ti·sor·y (row-te-sore-ee):
  1. noun, a dynamic, fluid and sphere-like object that absorbs anything thrown into it and uses it to make itself better stronger and more versatile.
  2. adjective, the condition of being a well-rounded and versatile person, thing or object able to learn from mistakes, and grow to overcome obstacles.
  3. verb, acting or reacting to situations in the best possible manner with a balanced approach.
Foun·da·tion (foun-dey-shun):
  1. noun, the basis or groundwork for the moral of a person, society or religion.

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