About Spaldäm's Rotisory Foundation

Here at Spaldäm's Rotisory Foundation we provide helpful, informative, and uplifting content, web-sites, products, and ideas that promote the overall well-being of not only individuals, but also society as a whole; so we can all thrive in life, in love, in wealth, and many other sustainable ways.

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Secondarily, we also have technical experience, and can provide consulting services for: Web-site design; SEO; LAMP (including: CGI in a variety of scripting languages, Postfix, TCP/IP, DNS, Storage, OS, etc.); WordPress; MediaWiki; Gallery; Content Management; Enterprise Data Protection; Disaster Recovery; Business Continuity; Technical Writing; and more.

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Spaldäm's Rotisory Foundation hosts the following web-sites:
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Mormon Affirmations
Inspirational Quotes and Articles
 Mormon Affrimations


Genealogical Site
Learn the Origins of the Hollist Name.
S.J. Hollist
S.J.'s Personal Blog
 S.J. Hollist

 World History Wiki

The World History and Notes Wiki
A World of Information
Pink PocketbookKeeping
The Best On-line Accountant
 Pink Pocket Bookkeeping

Trails Offroad Writer

Trails Offroad
Writing for Trails Offroad
We help support a number of
YouTube Channels


And more!
(We're always thinking up new web-site ideas around here, it just takes time to build them)

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